Original Builders is happy to show this Living Room Remodeling project completed in Lilburn.

The goal was to create a gorgeous well-designed open space environment within the wall.  The trapezoid windows give so much more natural  light in afternoon along with bright new colors painted to just make whole room feel bigger.

We begin with a before to after comparison.  We placed new can lights and a fan on the ceiling too.  The whole room is bright, spacious, cozy and simply just perfect as you can see.

Before Living Room Remodel in Lilburn

After Living Room Remodel in Lilburn

There are many fine details to share in this next comparison. The TV cabinet was previously a bar area. We had to remove the water lines, demo the existing upper area and front face then rebuilt it to make sure it fit our customer’s needs.   A new electrical line was run in order for the TV to fit, which is now does perfectly.   All the paneling was sanded down, primed, caulked then painted.  We used 100% silicone to make sure there are no cracks later since there were big gaps in trim work done in the early 80s.

Before Living Room Fireplace Wall Remodel in Lilburn

After Living Room Fireplace Wall Remodel in Lilburn

The fireplace got a totally new coat!  We removed an old ugly door, primed and painted bricks, partially removed some old trim work and then replaced it with a new red oak mantle beam to match new floor and ceiling beams.

Lilburn Home Remodel of Fireplace with Oak Beam details

The mantle beam matches perfectly with the new hardwood floor we laid down, which occurred after the removal of a particle board and replacing it with solid plywood. The existing floors in the house are white oak, and our beam is red oak, showing how we have matched the stain so close and you cannot see the difference.  There is nothing not to love with this result!

Lilburn Home Living Room Remodel with Fireplace Red Oak Mantle Beam

The red oak beams are not solid chunk of wood, but rather Hollis box made from 1×6 and 1×8 material, but they look like solid pieces .  It is designed to make sure it is light and flexible since the ceilings in older houses are wavy yet from the floor it not visible. It’s customarily to trace on the ceiling to make sure its flawless from bottom. Yes, those are fake beams! Shiplap on the flat ceiling and angled ceiling are covering the old texture drywall.

Lilburn Home Living Room Remodel with Ceiling Beams

And now we leave you with the finished living room.  The old stained paneling wall was probably fancy in 70s, but now is sanded, caulked, primed, sanded again and sprayed.  The windows were replaced because existing frames where a dark color.  We changed the trim work little bit around the big picture window to make sure it looks uniform when we were ready to paint it.

Lilburn Home Living Room Remodel with Wall Windows and Oak Hardwood

Our clients now walk in to a beautifully remodeled living room for family gatherings.  A dream come true and Original Builders is so happy to be a part of fulfilling those dreams.