Original Builders is happy to show this Home Addition and Remodeling project completed in Norcross.

The goal was to add a new garage, renovate the existing garage to a laundry room and pool house, and also have a breezeway connect the two structures.  There is also an Outdoor Living piece to this project.

We begin by introducing the Garage Addition that was built first, then six months later we connected the new garage to the original garage that went to its own transformation.

Norcross Garage Addition was built before the Home Remodel portion of the project

Original Builders is also a New Home Builder, so we want to take you through a few steps of the actual construction of this new addition to appreciate the finished image you see above.  We begin with being ready for the Monolithic slab form for concrete and being ready to pour it.  A monolithic slab is one whose entire slab is poured as one element and is typically the same thickness across its whole depth. Then we show the LVL beams, ceiling framed, and all the bracing since nobody wants a crooked garage.

Before New Garage Addition with foundation ready to be poured

Before New Garage Addition with Beginning of Framing

Here we continue showing when everything works as calculated, demonstrating the framing as one nice puzzle.  That is followed with the completed framing for the new two car garage.  The height of this building had to match the existing building which will get connected later with a breezeway.  The existing building was ready for a new “coat” and has no overhang, so it was a little tricky situation.

Before New Garage Addition continue with Framing

Framing of New Garage Addition is completed

Here we show the original two car garage where the right side will be converted into a big laundry room, with cabinet space with pool towels. The left side will turn into pool house and outdoor kitchen.  Also notice there is no connection between the two structures.  And in the back we needed to support the roof with a temporary wall since the blocks had to be removed.  The building didn’t move at all, and everyone was excited watching as the metal plates were installed along with the I-beam ready to go up (with a weight of 2000lbs).

Before existing Garage is Renovated with no breezeway started

During Garage Renovation to make into laundry

There is a lot going on now with new openings being created with big lintels cut into the walls.  The big steel I beam was installed and welded into place. But before all this, the hollow blocks have been filled with special grout to make sure the walls are solid. A new window has been framed which is very different work from all others – but we love those challenges  The existing block garage received a new coat of pressure treated furring strip glued and screwed to the block wall.  The cavity has been filled with rigid board insulation and cement siding has been nailed to the furring strips. The new window has been build out from the garage door opening.  Then you see the new garage on the left is finished while the existing garage on right is still there.  The breezeway connection has started and we had to deal with different heights, angles, centers, gutters with all that to work together for a flawless result.

During Garage Addition and Laundry Renovation has new openings

During Garage Addition with new Breezeway started

And here we see the project coming all together.

Garage Addition with Breezeway and Laundry Renovation in progress

Now we have completed the Garage Addition, and Laundry Renovation with the breezeway too.  Let’s take a closer look and head towards the backyard to see even more beautiful remodeling work.

Norcross Garage Addition completed with Breezeway and Laundry Renovation

Norcross Breezeway entrance to backyard outdoor living

Let’s take a step back in order for you to see the new garage on the right, and the new pool house on the left side (where the original garage was located).  Both structures are connected by the new breezeway.

Norcross Garage connected by breezeway to Pool House from backyard perspective

So now lets go take a closer look.  This is where us also being a leading Kitchen Remodeler comes into play.  The outdoor kitchen has a gas and charcoal grill, two big powerful hoods, a TV and bar for excellent entertainment.  The German Schmear finish give the bricks an excellent look along with the exterior quartz countertops to resist the sun light so it doesn’t fade.

Norcross Outdoor Living better than Kitchen Remodeling

Norcross Outdoor Living with Kitchen Remodel outside Laundry Renovation

Now we step inside the new laundry area created from previous garage with lots of cabinetry and closets for pool towels.  A perfect pool house with custom made shaker style cabinets, LVP floors and new windows.

Norcross Laundry Renovation perfect for pool house

Norcross Laundry Renovation with Cabinets for changing for pool

Stepping back outside of the pool house allows us to see the kitchen facing thru breezeway to the new garage. Notice the tongue and groove ceiling.

Norcross Pool House Kitchen area facing breezeway and new garage addition

From above we get to share the Addition along with the pool refinished with new coping and pool deck, which was completed by our friends at G & S Design.

Norcross Pool Refinished as part of Garage Addition and Laundry Renovation

And while the project was large, we still need to appreciate fine details such as the standing seam roof and half columns that give a totally different look for the whole building.  The new large size driveway with brick border completed the whole project.

Norcross Garage Addition with New Large Sized Driveway

A dream come true and Original Builders is so happy to be a part of fulfilling those dreams.